Felicia Travel Tanzania offers you a wholesome and distinct insight into wonders of  East Africa’s amazingly diverse landscape, wildlife, history and culture heritage. An Africa travel experience arranged by Felicia Travel Tanzania is not just another cliche of safari vacation on offer as part of any standard travel experience. 

Our expeditions are crafted by a diverse family and team born-bred in East Africa, who love the continent and care to deliver the finest tour experiences from a native perspective. 

This natural advantage allows us to introduce and discern to travelers with shared interests the varied authenticity of  East Africa: its people, breathtaking beauty, the power of raw life to its unforgettable sense of wilderness and outback sovereignty.

Clients who have travel with Cross into Africa Safaris and those who personally work with us on daily basis or know us from our efforts to give back and make a positive change in  East Africa, easily recognize that we are not the norm: we genuinely care and offer a heartfelt commitment to our guests and to the integration of responsible tourism with wildlife conservation, ecology safeguarding and the well being of indigenous cultural communities. 

Cross to Africa  Safaris is widely renowned for its premier quality and diverse trips. Cross to Africa Safaris exists to help you realize your dreams. Your African dream holiday deserves all the careful planning you would put into any major lifetime investment. 

We aim to change your entire holistic outlook and provide enlightening memories that will remain with you for years, bringing you back to the Cradle of Mankind – where it all began.

Three Most Important Features We Pride Ourselves With And Value Are:

Quality of Guide, Camp/Lodge & Complete Ground Service in Tanzania

It is our core belief that the quality of guiding determines the overall excellence of a safari program. Experienced multilingual mature safari guiders, specializing in wildlife, ornithology, cultural tourism, low environmental impact tourism (Eco-tourism), walking, canoeing and photography make our Tanzania safaris an assured incredible experience. 

Because we understand guiding standards and its intricate relationship with accommodation experiences, professional services within the hospitality industry and beyond, and providing our services to clients who live in parts of the world where top-level service is a norm, we are the only Tanzanian Tour Company to create an independent and consistent 3-tier safari experience.