Vast numbers of herd animals, predators and bands of apes coupled with the country’s dedication to preservation make Tanzania the optimal choice for exploration and safaris. We offer tailor made and set itinerary safaris that showcase Tanzania’s wildlife in unspoilt wilderness and include its diverse cultures.

Akise Adventures offer various accommodation options from camping to luxury lodges. Camping safaris range from the budget adventure type where you travel with all your equipment, guide and cook to luxury mobile and permanent tented camps. These luxury camps provide roomy and comfortable tents with full amenities to allow you to relax in style in the African wilderness. Small private lodges are also available on safari, while hotels and resorts are used in towns and on island escapes.

The sight of millions of wildebeest and zebra on migration, the silhouette of elephants on the horizon or the stunning pink of a flock of flamingos make Tanzania a dream safari destination.

Educational Tour
Involves research study of diverse students from each parts of the world, through us you are going to find your study remarkable.

Coffee Tour
The tour takes you around the coffee small farms owned by the villagers where you can get an opportunity to learn traditional ways of growing coffee, harvesting and preparing it for drinking is guaranteed.

Story Telling
You will meet people of different age and get an opportunity to interact, Elder people ‘Wazee’ will tell you stories about their community, their origin, traditions and other things such as tribal war.

Traditional Dances
While you are enjoying your stay in Tanzania you will experience a traditional dance which
are performed by a group of men and women performing songs for different occasions such as welcoming guests, ceremonial dances and crop harvesting songs.

Cultural Tours
Cultural tours is a rapidly growing  market niche attracting considerable attention worldwide as increased numbers of travellers are seeking travel. Gifted Afro-Safaris offering leisure travel combined with distinctive